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Please read these terms carefully before beginning to use the Services. Your use of these services indicates that you accept these terms and that you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the Services

We may make changes to these Terms at any time by placing the revised Terms on the Services. You are expected to check this page from time to time to be aware of any changes to these terms



Iqraaa Educational Network reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and materials on this website at any timeThe Iqraaa Network website provides training programs and materials in the form of educational courses for all disciplines and sciences at the lowest prices and the best possible quality through a method of presentation, explanation, online training and follow-up throughout the Arab worldIn addition to providing a free platform for teachers, schools, training centers, universities and institutes, it is an educational social network as well


Provides quick and important news in which visitors and subscribers participateAnyone who owns a training material has the right to display it on the “Training” platform for free after the conditions of the offer are met on the Iqraaa network platformWe may update these Terms from time to time in accordance with the latest enforcement or legal requirements and any changes to these Terms will be posted on this page.These terms apply regardless of the type of device you use to obtain our services (whether it is a computer - a laptop).


Access to the Services is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or modify the service we provide on the Services without prior notice. We are not responsible for the unavailability of the Services for any reason, at any time and for any period.You are solely responsible for any participation by you on our services in the form of a written explanation on the board or by speaking into the microphone in direct communication between you and the studentsYou are solely responsible for any written conversation between you and the students and you acknowledge that you are exposing yourself to legal liability if it containsViolation of the rules and public morals.You acknowledge that the services provided by the Iqra Education Network are intended to provide home assistance to students and you expressly agree to comply with the Iqraaa Education Network's principles and ethics and Iqraaa Education Network reserves the right to suspend your account if you do not comply with these principles at any time and without notice.Your right to use the Iqraaa network is your personal right and you are not permitted to grant this right to any other person to use your account in your name or on your behalf.


You warrant that your participation in the Iqraa Network will not prejudice any rights of third parties or restrict or prohibit their use or enjoyment of the Services.You warrant that your use of the Iqraaa Educational Network services will not cause harm, inconvenience, or harassment of others, whether personally or in public written or audio posts, and that it does not contain any offensive or offensive material or interfere with the normal course of learning within the network.


Conditions for the content of Iqraa Network:Iqraaa Network reserves the right to display, monitor and record all shares, written posts or visual content uploaded to the network that are made on the network without permission or notice, and we may monitor usage to improve the services provided by the platform, understand the requirements of users and prevent misuse of the services provided through us.Iqraa Network reserves the right to suspend or terminate your subscription to the services provided by it without reason and without notice in the event of a breach of any of the terms and conditions of use.


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY / OUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO YOU:We cannot guarantee that your use of the Iqraa network will be free from technical errors or errors in the content provided, but we undertake to do our duty to ensure the provision of the highest level of services. We have no responsibility or liability that may arise out of your reliance on the Services or on the Content provided. Although we require all Iqraaa Educational Network users to abide by the terms and conditions of use, we acknowledge the possibility that some users may post material or comments that you may consider unprofessional or inappropriate, and we in turn have no responsibility or liability with respect to such comment or content and that content It does not reflect our opinions.


We do not bear any legal or moral responsibility in the event that you are exposed to any danger or inconvenience resulting from your exchange of personal information about yourself or others, for example, but not limited to (your personal phone numbers - personal addresses - social networking accounts) in violation of the network conditions in the previous clause, but we undertake To carry out our duty to monitor, follow up and take the necessary measures to limit the exchange of personal data through the platform.


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