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How much does a lesson cost?؟

The price of the online lesson depends on each teacher, who determines the price of his own hour, and who evaluates the student and the time .


How do I get my money from the Iqra network?

Financial agreements are made directly between the student and the teacher without interference from the Iqraaa network administration. .


I have an educational center, can I benefit from the free Iqra network

Iqra educational network allows all parties to the educational process to benefit and profit. You can also make free advertisements for the courses of your center, classified ads on the site. .


How can I resolve the dispute or disagreement between me and the student

The teacher, doctor, or the owner of the educational institution is responsible for any financial, legal, or educational dealings with students, but there is an evaluation of everyone on the network, so you must be keen on your reputation to get new students constantly.


How can I market my lessons to the Iqraaa network?

Iqra Educational Network is a simple and easy-to-use network for its great similarity to Facebook, which uses millions, so you can easily make free advertisements for your courses after you register in the courses section and set a date for them in the EVENT.All of these sources show your presence among students and the site's search engines, which makes your appearance more frequent. In front of new students


Can I make a sponsored advertisement for you for my educational center or a private school?

Yes, dear brother, you can make a sponsor for your courses, your educational center, or your school in a private read network. It is an educational community that includes millions of people interested in the same activity. For inquiries, you can contact 0096590939714 - 0096566678637




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