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Participate in the Iqraaa educational network advertisements in order to facilitate communication between the student and the teacher as quickly and at any time Iqraaa network contains the largest database of private tutors, universities and training centers, which makes it easier for the student to choose the most suitable one for him at any time and communicate with him in a way for him to succeed and excel, taking into account not to overburden families with participation, and it also contains a database of lessons available for the student to register for free Or for a small fee


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Our vision


Our vision is to overcome the difficulties and obstacles facing our children, as the network works to read on connecting them to the most appropriate teacher to raise the scientific level so that parents see certificates of success and excellence for their children


vNREN - Virtual National Research and Education Network

Our plan
Helping all teachers to develop themselves and professionally teach online to provide
a sophisticated source of income that raises their standard of living. We also help
training centers to publicize and market their courses and facilitate their communication
with the largest student base in the world as we work in the limitless Internet sky.



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