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  • Hi every one , this is a group for teaching most of medical subjects from first grade of faculty of medicine till the end grade 
    Whether for old or new rgiemn.

Recent Activities

  • Maryam Gamal
    *Online Medical Course*

    ❤️🛑 بتخفيض *50٪* من قيمه الكورس
    ▪️الرسوم 2000 جنيه فقط بدلا من4000 جنيه مصري

    🟥 Contents: 4 Modules
    1❤️. Natural human body( introduction in Anatomy Emberiology Physiology Histology Biochemistry)
    2.❤️Genetics ( histology biochemistry)
    3. ❤️Biomedical (microbiology Parasitology)
    4.❤️Principle Disease Of Drug Therapy (Pathology Pharmacology)
    👩🏻‍🎓*Dr. Maryam Gamal

    ◼Medical educationali🫀🫁🧠 ✍️Clinical Ptholog...  more