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6 Criteria for Successful Football Betting That You Should Know

on June 07 2023 at 10:13 AM
Although we often tell each other not to let emotions interfere when betting on red or black, executing this accurately can be challenging, especially for those with strong emotions. Therefore, the following criteria will help individuals make more accurate and rational football predictions.
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Quality of the team lineup (3 points)
The quality of the starting lineup is always considered the most important criterion for accurate and easier football analysis. This task is straightforward: if a team has a strong lineup and good coordination, it can be assigned 3 points. However, if the quality of the lineup is unclear, it can be divided based on the following factors:
A team with more talented strikers receives 1 point.
A team with a higher total transfer value receives 2 points.
Coach evaluation (2 points)
Understanding and assessing the talent and working methods of head coaches is the second criterion that individuals should pay attention to. An experienced coach with flexible strategies can transform a struggling team into a strong one, achieving success in various tournaments. Individuals should assign 2 points to coaches with higher achievements.
This criterion becomes evident when we look back at the era when Sir Alex Ferguson managed Manchester United. During that time, the Red Devils collected 895 glorious victories, with a win rate of 59.7%.
Performance trend (2 points)
An important criterion that cannot be overlooked is the recent performance trend of the teams. This factor is significant because it reflects the actual playing strength and has an impact on the players' morale.
To evaluate the performance trend, individuals should consider the results of the last 5 matches between the two teams. If one team has a higher winning rate, it receives 2 points. Conversely, if the winning, drawing, and losing rates are equal between the two teams, individuals should proceed to consider the scale of the competition. In this case, if the teams still appear evenly matched, each team is assigned 1 point.
However, when assessing the performance trend, individuals need to pay attention to the match schedule. If a team has to play continuously with high intensity, the players' fitness will undoubtedly be affected. Therefore, when betting on such matches, individuals should consider this factor before placing their bets.
Playing style (1 point)
The playing style directly affects the match outcome and changes over time and under different team leaders. For example, a team that leans towards attacking, like Manchester United, may not enjoy an open, attacking match if their opponent has a strong defensive style, especially on the flanks. As a result, the outcome can vary.
To score this criterion, we need to assess which team has a more distinctive playing style, and that team will receive 1 point.
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Head-to-head history (1 point)
Not only does the performance trend impact the players' morale, but the head-to-head history also has an influence. When scoring this criterion, we need to review the past encounters between the two teams. The team with the advantage, having more victories, will receive 1 point.
Weather and home field advantage (1 point)
According to the compilation of experts in football analysis, weather has a significant impact on match results. The most evident example is Vietnam's match in Chongqing in 2018, where the players had to compete in heavy snowfall, an unfamiliar condition that made winning difficult.
Therefore, in such cases, the team familiar with the weather conditions or the team playing on their home field will be awarded an additional 1 point.
Effective football betting experience
Choosing easy-to-play bets
In football, there are numerous different types of bets that you can easily choose from. However, it's crucial to understand your own betting experience to select the most suitable bets.
For instance, if you're a newcomer, it's recommended to choose easy-to-play football bets such as throw-in bets, yellow card bets, corner kick bets, etc. On the other hand, if you're an experienced bettor, you can participate in any type of football bet.
Refer to the odds table
The odds table will help you determine which team is favored in a football match. Additionally, tracking the odds fluctuations will provide you with insights to determine which team has a higher chance of winning. From there, you can make accurate analyses and choose the most likely winning bets.
Usually, the betting tips and tricks are based on the practical betting experiences of experts and skilled analysts. Therefore, players should refer to these tips to gain a more comprehensive understanding of football betting and increase their chances of winning.
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Finally, your task is to aggregate the scores of both teams, and the team with the higher score can be considered a more reliable investment.
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