Starting once again at the Guard Encampment


Head northeast out of town and onto the beach Lost Ark Gold. Head east across to the water into an area infested with large, aggressive crabs. At the second group of crabs, in a patch of grass on the beach near the water, you should spot your third mokoko seed. If you get to some wood in the water, next to some pink and orange foliage, you’ve gone just past it.
Leave the beach by the southerly exit and turn east up a small slope. Turn right at the top, hugging the lichen-covered rocks going west, and look in the middle of the three palm trees for your fourth mokoko.
From here, head down the southwest path into the corner, to the west of the rope vine (marked by blue arrows on the map). On the southern edge of the area, your next mokoko is hidden by the leaves of the trees southwest of where a group of four moths spawns.
Now head to the Lightshade Inn itself. Karab will be standing outside and to his right is a large barrel covered in fish. To the right of that, in the grass next to the mat, is the sixth mokoko seed of Croconys Shore.
From the Guard Encampment Triport, head east along the long path to Anchor’s Rest. Head to the very back of the ceremonial area there. Between the huge stone skull and the wall behind you’ll see your seventh mokoko, lying in plain sight in the grass.
Starting once again at the Guard Encampment Triport, this time head north and west into the western side of Conch Shell Beach, through the wooden posts decorated with skulls that have orange-glowing eyes buy Lost Ark Gold. Once in there, skirt the eastern edge of the area going north. Before the edge starts to turn west (where there are piles of paintings), you’ll spot a palm tree obscuring some vines.
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