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I love when I have the feeling we are going beyond our comfort zone, breaking conventional boundaries while being aware that there is a lot to learn and to explore.

Given the state of luxury fashion in 2018 - characterized by a widespread interest in collaboration, and a fully in - bloom affinity for streetwear - it makes perfect sense that Milan Fashion Week got things started with a partnership between one legacy label and a lesser - known Moncler Outlet (but cult - loved) designer.

2020 ended on a Moncler Jackets high note for corporate activity. Embracing both, but finding the balance in between. "This is like Glastonbury, somehow," observed Jonathan Anderson as we dashed from frontstage to back at his show space in tonight's Moncler Genius launch event.

"We'll still have people there but with a different approach. In the stark 1017 Moncler Mens Coats Alyx 9SM tunnel, models looked ready to conquer both Berghain and K2 draped themselves on scaffolding.

I opened my first direct store in Paris in 2007 and this was definitely a turning point. The Alasia is a down jacket for women with a reversible design that combines the technical look of nylon with the casual attitude of a cotton - blend fabric.

Its double down insulation and adjustable toggles formed a prototype that still informs the styles of today, such as the Lamentin jacket. With that, JW Anderson and Rimowa will join the lineup, along with Copenhagen - based start - up, which sells electric bicycles.

On the first floor, dedicated to the women's collection, the honey - colour oak wood paneling is punctuated by gilded picture frames, evoking old - world charm while at the same time transforming the perspective.

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