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For me, this was the most important characteristic in the evolution of Moncler. Looking at these pieces before, it had been tempting to extrapolate from them a shift from the urban - technicality of early Alyx to a couture - ish inspiration seeded by his move from Milan to Paris last year in order to take on the Givenchy gig - but Williams reckoned this was not in his mental foreground while shaping this collection.

"And to look at things that we do well, that they maybe haven't experimented with before." Which, well: ever since the collection first appeared, it was pretty clear that Williams had managed that merger successfully.

Here the 10 models stood on metal grills below which powerful jets of air blew periodically upwards, blowing what resembled nylon Chinese lanterns into the air and keeping the garments unfurled like a sail in a full wind.

"The shapes and forms Moncler Mens Vests for come from protective devices and garments; life jackets, life rafts, swimming aids, internal breathing apparatus of spacesuits and isolation tanks," Green says.

Moncler has taken decades of making great jackets and injected the process with the buzzy energy needed to stay on the top of Moncler Sale the game - and they've done it in a way that is sure to satisfy their own fans, as well as Fujiwara's.

As the programme enters its third year, Moncler Chief Executive Remo Ruffini sees going beyond ready - to - wear Moncler Outlet as the key to keeping the model fresh.

"There's knit, and webbing, and lining, and all the top - stitching. We wanted all of the graphics and all of the symbolism linked back to nature in some way.

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