Pumpkin King of Lost Ark as soon as you get to Sunbright Hill

on July 11 2022 at 12:18 PM
Lost Ark: How To Defeat World Boss Wili-Wili
You might be tempted to take on one of the "Pumpkin King" of Lost Ark as soon as you get to Sunbright Hill Lost Ark Gold, but you might want to reconsider trying to take on World Boss Wili-Wili too soon. The scythe-wielding Jack Skellington look-a-like is a true terror to deal with even if you're higher in rank.
Besides just the ferocity of his attacks, Wili-Wili lives in a small portion of the world, making evading his moves extremely difficult. If you're going to take on with this World Boss on your own to complete your adventurer's Tome spend some time to plan ahead.
Where To Find Wili-Wili
Wili-Wili grazes in the fields of sunflowers in the northernmost part of Sunbright Hill, just before the dead-end. Then, from the Lastra Forest dungeon Triport, you can travel west and take the first turn to the north.
Wili-Wili's Attacks
When you begin to reduce his health, Wili-Wili's attacks become progressively quicker. As time passes they will get more complex and make it more difficult to navigate the area that he lives in.
How Do I Choose What Gear To Bring
What makes Wili-Wili such a monster to beat is the various knockback effects and motion debuffs he triggers with his moves. While they aren't easy to get rid of There are two elements that can aid you in this battle:
Swiftness Robes
Panacea Potions
To avoid all Wili-Wili's attacks isn't easy If you're struggling with a swiftness robe, using it will help you avoid their attacks quicker. Particularly the Swirling Dervish action. If you bump into one of Wili-Wili's pumpkins not only will you be dropped, but you will also will also be hit with a debuff.
If you're not keen to be chain-stunned essentially, popping one Panacea Potion will cancel the debuff, allowing you to escape.
How To Defeat Wili-Wili
The biggest hurdle that stands in front of this World Boss fight is not even Wili-Wili himself, but the environment. The area is incredibly narrow and Wili-Wili's AOE attacks are quite massive, altogether a bad combination Lost Ark Gold for sale. If you've got it available, you can equip more than one ability from your Combat Skills.

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