Now Players Can Transfer Wealth And Characters In New World

Due to some loopholes in New World, the wealth transfer in this game was closed. This has had a great impact on many players. Now its developers announced that it has resumed wealth transfer, including player trading, Mail delivery, the Trading station reopened, etc.
Allow's start with character transfers. Presented as a technique to relieve gamer wait times when joining active servers, character transfers were rapidly turned off as a result of a gold duplication bug. After a couple of full weeks, they're back on again now.
Gold duplication bugs and also deeds remained to appear in various other areas, having said that, prompting riches transactions to become switched off entirely as a short-term remedy. at that point launched a remedy which, hi, accidentally created one more coin duplication pest.
"We addressed this as well in our next hotfix, where we re-enabled trading and company transactions, as well as removed any duped Coins from companies who exploited the issue (or accidentally triggered it). We can track how many coins were received from exploitive behavior, and will investigate and take remediation steps against companies that have egregiously exploited this," says the full post covering the changes.
The article also points out that their most recent patch applies modifications developed to reduce the quantity of conversation spam coming from gamers using to offer gold in-game. Those include calling for a profile to be 72 hrs aged before it may trade gold, disallowing a bunch of bots as well as consumers stated for spam, as well as rearranging coin perks from some early missions to later on in the main story.
Aside from these ventures and also insects, Amazon mention they're happy with exactly how the economic situation is operating, stating that it is actually "performing within acceptable levels." They perform have some problems that the quantity of surplus gold generated by players lowers as they meet the endgame, which means "as even more gamers reach degree 60, this will start to place more tension on the economic climate."
"Players are consistently generating a positive gold balance every day, but there is a downward trend. If this trend continues and we get closer to a negative in-out, we will take action. Our goal isn’t to drive this value to zero or make it so no one can amass wealth. We want to ensure that overall gold balance per server stays in check, so coin remains important," they say.
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