Real Estate Developers: How They Can Utilize Opportunity Zone Funds ToBankroll New Real Estate Projects

Are you a real estate developer searching for the perfect way to finance new real estate projects? If this, is you, why not use opportunity zones? Opportunity zones will help you give back to the community and get tax benefits because the government has come up with opportunity zone funds to reach the goal of boosting the economy and giving back to the community. Additionally, they help satisfy the need for economic growth, especially in low-income zones. Therefore, here are the basics about opportunity zones and how they will help developers finance new real estate projects.
Before going deeper, what is an opportunity zone, and how does it work?
Well, opportunity zones are geographical areas characterized by a low income, lack of employment, and poor living standards. Here, individuals and businesses in distressed communities create employment and economic development. 
According to the tax Act and Jobs Act of 2017, an opportunity zone is an area with an average poverty rate of 20 percent or higher. Also, they have opportunity funds to foster the economy. Talking of funds, developers can utilize the funds to facilitate new real estate projects. 
How Developers Utilize Opportunity Zone Funds to Bankroll New Real Estate Projects: Explained
Developers benefit from real estate opportunity zones funds through capital gains. When developers engage in projects in these zones, they get reduced capital gain taxes when buying and improving commercial real estate properties that support local businesses. In simple terms, capital gains of 5 years are equivalent to 10 percent increases on the original investment. This way, the taxes are not as high as they would be.
Tax incentives are also another great advantage to the developers. When developers use capital in the projects, they put in their share, expecting to help the community and develop the entire zone. Furthermore, they are not left out; they have easy access to tax incentives. However, as a developer, you have to be on the lookout. Tax incentives are not accessible across all real estate opportunity zones. This is because the board checks on the capital used for the development.
Opportunity zone funds make a difference in a developer’s life and the people in that zone. On the contrary, developers need to be cautious as much as they appear to be a great opportunity. Today, some people conduct unscrupulous behavior whereby they impersonate the board and solicit investors by creating a fake fund. Therefore, ensure that you understand the real estate opportunity zone basics to see whether your investment meets the requirements.
Opportunity zones come with substantial benefits for most developers. The best way to use the funds is in real estate projects. These projects are essential since they come with numerous benefits and spur economic growth. As a developer, you could be worried about how to use the funds to finance a new real estate project. But with the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to finance the whole project with ease. Also, learn to understand the potential risks to be on the safer side.
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