Overwatch 2 fans share the great concept of Orisha's new features

on October 19 2021 at 07:05 PM
As many franchise fans have already noticed, Overwatch 2 is making a big difference to a range of heroes. So it's no surprise that Orisa's changes are announced shortly, demonstrating the abilities that Overwatch 2 fans want to implement in the sequel.

So far, Overwatch 2 has a variety of modes, from small to wide, but it's interesting to actually read and see. Bridget's shield is no longer paralyzed, but Sombra remains invisible during the robbery. While Winston gets a whole new shooting mode, May's Primary does quite a lot of damage instead of freezing the enemy. Bastion is essentially a completely different hero, but Reinhardt gets additional fire hits and a cancelable pen. When it comes to Orisa's rework, it could be similar to making fun of Reinhardt. Heroes and tanks supported by Overwatch 2 will be the most modified category as the change to 5v5 will have the greatest impact. The support character's solution was easy to reduce each character's healing ability, but tanks are more difficult. Each team has only one tank, so it needs to be strong enough to move the team forward.
Orisa is already solid as an anchor tank, but Blizzard can still contribute to her weapon of movement. According to Redditor Jupiit, the new skill needs to be a "gallop".
Overwatch fans shared an incredible animation for his suggestion, which is of high quality as it looks like it was made by Blizzard himself. On the track, the player can see the hero running forward in a way similar to the Soldier 76's sprint ability, and use his many feet to move forward. But he not only runs straight, but also puts one of his arms forward. This will reduce the damage when running.
And because it's a sprint, unlike Reinhardt's charge, he has more control over where he's heading. One of the biggest complaints about Orisa's speed of movement, something like a gallop will soon make her play more enjoyable. Redditor salty_biscuit7 suggests that this move acts like a Rein assault, stunning or damaging the people you meet. Redditor senoto is based on this idea and can tell everyone you meet in Orisa to be "angry" to separate groups of enemies and defeat characters from the map. Like Reinhardt's new pen, Senoto wants the possibility of canceling once activated.

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