Disco Elysium Update increases font size, cleans up the user interface and reduces the overall installation size

on October 19 2021 at 07:02 PM
ZA / UMs Disco Discovery Elysium's 2019 detective role-playing game is a cult hit, with fans and critics praising the history of the game and its rigorous aesthetics. Role-playing games have also recently moved to Nintendo Switch. This suggests that it's not just a cult game, it's a bit more general. As it grows in popularity, the studio is still working on updates, and recent patches look like minor changes, but they're fan-friendly.
A post posted on the official Disco Elysium Steam page contains the latest update notes released a few days ago. The notes describe many changes made to the game, such as increased font size, "bigger and cleaner" user interface, and other visual improvements.
Also interesting is that the optimized game install size is "significantly smaller" than before. Updates may seem less important, but some people on computer game sub-reddit have expressed their joy in these changes. Some say that the fonts have been enlarged to make the text on the screen much easier to see, while one user said his "old man's eyes are grateful to the developers." This is probably due to the improved accessibility of video games that many studios are beginning to implement. Increasing font size means that people who are having trouble seeing lowercase letters can now see it more clearly. Needless to say, having a clearer user interface will also improve people's gaming experience.

The final cut version of Disco Elysium has brought about a significant improvement in "quality of life." An important change is that all conversations include voice work. This is not an easy task as the game has nearly 300 characters. The studio also shows that it is actively working on the game to make it more accessible to those who have not yet experienced it.

Despite its growing popularity and game-improving updates, Disco Elusium is still an underrated RPG. It is also controversial in Australia, as the national classification council initially refused to give an age rating that would prevent the sale of physical copies. Fortunately, the ban was lifted a few months ago.

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