Niantic challenges Pokemon GO fans with a simple Gengar video

Just a few weeks after the scariest day of the year, video game fans are already enjoying Halloween events with their favorite video games. Several titles and publishers participating in the festival have announced Resident Evil Halloween events, including Overwatch, Warframe, and even Capcom. In mobile space, Niantics Pokemon GO's Halloween activity is already in full swing, and to celebrate the opportunity, developers recently released a TikTok video highlighting ghost-type Pokemon Gengar.

From October 15th to the end of the month, players will be able to enjoy the Pokemon GO Halloween Prank Event. The festival is divided into two parts, focusing on psychic, ghost and dark type Pokemon, which are becoming more frequent in the wild so that players can catch them. Players can eventually evolve Slowbro into Galarian Slowking, and Pokemon such as Phantump, Trevenant, Pumpkaboo, and Gourgeist will debut in Pokémon GO. To celebrate the Halloween prank, the official Pokemon GO TikTok channel recently uploaded a short video that encourages players to look for the lost Gengar in the footage. In the video, players can see several other Pokemon, including Gastly, Spinarak, and one of the recently debuted Ghost-type Phantumps. However, fans will find that Gengar is not included in the photo. Legend tells the enthusiastic Pokemon GO community to look carefully, and then suddenly Gengar pops out of nowhere on the screen. The loud screams associated with the emergence of the most popular ghost Pokemon have probably already surprised many fans on the platform.

On Reddit, user BroBroBrayBray recorded a TikTok video, posted it on a forum, and started a discussion with other Pokémon GO fans. Many admitted that the video still scared them a lot, even though they were already expecting it to happen. Other fans say they are always looking forward to the Halloween event at Pokemon GO. One commentator also said he seemed to want to see Gengar's cross under the title of Nintendo's Luigi's Mansion. Given the whimsical yet child-friendly appearance of some Ghost Pokemon, it looks like it could be the perfect encounter for Luigis' ghostly adventure.

At the first Halloween prank event on Pokemon GO, fans are hoping that Niantic will produce such a more unique and entertaining video for your enjoyment. This will definitely allow players to sign up for mobile games and experience fun opportunities.
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