Square Enix reveals that Babylon is making changes based on player feedback

Babylon's Fall is an action RPG released by Square Enix and developed by Japanese developer PlatinumGames. Earlier this year, Babylon's Fall Closed Beta was introduced in the first two phases, with Phase 3 Closed Beta scheduled for November 15-17, 2021.

When Babylon's Fall Beta appeared in the first two phases, many of the participating players shared criticism of the game. Recently, Square Enix published a post from the development team showing that it used player feedback to launch the game in time for Phase 3 of the closed beta. The post also includes a list of changes made to Babylon Fall based on player feedback. The first change was that the Babylons Fall graphics were more "readable". Objects in the area are sharper than before, while preserving the unique art style of oil paintings in the background. The action is customizable and makes the battle with an exciting "ebb tide and flow". Developers will also add more unique actions for each major weapon and share details on future YouTube streams.

The third change is that the difficulty level has been adjusted for players who want to play alone or with a small number of friends. This was achieved by implementing a game mechanic that automatically adjusts the difficulty of the mission based on the number of players involved. Gear effects that provide additional benefits and skills in combat have been revised and renamed to be more "intuitive" than before.

In the fifth change, the developer revised the confusing terminology of the game to make it easier to understand. For example, the term attack mode has changed from Balkan mode to default mode. Players can now see their costs on the base campsite or missions and compare character builds. The default settings have been changed to make the player more comfortable, and some changes have been made to the selection menu to give the player more information and control. It's easier to move between base camps because players can use the system menu to move between camps.
Outlines have been added to in-game stuff such as search boards and gift boxes, making it easy to find base camp facilities. Game tips that explain the features of the game are now also displayed on the loading screen. The post also reveals that in addition to the 10 changes mentioned above, the Babylons Fall development team is working on more features requested by players in the official Babylons Fall version. These include private base camp, the ability to hide the helmet, and support for Steam version keyboard and mouse controls. In addition, features such as disassembling or selling multiple items at once have been improved, and Babylons Fall tutorials and help features have been added.
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