Skyrim players get hooked on random NPC jumps

Despite Skyrim turning 10 next month, players still have a rare experience in the game. Many of these events refer to a large number of NPCs occurring around the world. From hunters to blacksmiths, these characters play an important role in the game. Skyrim has about 60,000 voting lines, and the variations between the various NPCs are impressive as a title that is almost 10 years long. Recently, players have had an amazing encounter with one of the game's NPCs while exploring. In a Reddit post, a user named KOD_2014 shared a video of a shocking encounter with an NPC. The video begins with the player walking on the cobblestones.
A little further down the road was a large stone wall with a large gate leading to the other side of the barrier. Everything in the scene was great. The sun was shining even if there were no other characters in the area. At least that's what the player thought ... KOD_2014 is unnoticed and monitored. After a little jogging on the wall, the player approaches the large iron gate. Before moving to the other side of the wall, the player sees the bushes on the left side of the road. It happens when they open the door and prepare to continue their journey. Suddenly, a random NPC appears. An NPC, a member of the Argonian race, came out of nowhere and asked the surprised player if he wanted to make money right away.
Reddit's Skyrim community noted this hilarious and horrifying encounter that KOD_2014 encountered with a random Argonian.
Fans who won more than 10,000 votes in less than a day were equally surprised by the arrival of NPCs. One player said that these extraordinary encounters seemed to have happened to him when he was "participating in the game and didn't expect anything special to happen." What's more, many other fans listened to and spoke of their own bizarre adventures at Skyrim, like players watching giants "thrown" into the air.

This video clip, shared by KOD_2014, will be provided when many other players make unique discoveries in the open world of the game. A Skyrim player encounters a giant iceberg, and another player encounters a giant on the back of a dragon. These are just a few of the many encounters players have encountered in the last few months.

The world of Skyrim never seems to be discovered by adventurous fans. While many are waiting for the sequel to the classic game of 2011, it will be interesting to see other strange encounters that players encounter in the nature of Skyrim in the meantime.
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