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On Friday morning, Nintendo hosted a live event at Animal Crossing New Horizon and made an important announcement about subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass. The expansion pass costs $ 50 a year and has been confirmed to be $ 30 higher than the standard Nintendo Switch Online subscription and will be available on October 25th. Prices were much higher than expected, and Nintendo and PlayStation fans began discussing a comparison between Nintendo Switch Online and the PlayStation Plus.

The conversation begins with the price of Nintendo Switch Online. $ 50 a year is just over $ 4 a month, which is not exorbitant. However, the Expansion Pass raises the price of Nintendo Switch Online by more than 100%, and even for exclusive digital games, it only provides access to digital games, not new services. Nintendo fans have mixed feelings about paying extra for digital games only. This has been talked about in other parallel PlayStation and Xbox subscription services. PlayStation also offers subscription services such as Nintendo Switch Online, which are required for online services on the PlayStation platform. As a bonus, PlayStation includes a free monthly game. The annual PlayStation Plus price is $ 59.99, which is $ 10 more than the Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pass. PlayStation Plus eliminates the need for subscribers to choose a free monthly game and pay a low price, but PlayStation Plus also eliminates the need to play free games on the PlayStation platform.

Comparing prices, Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pass are priced at $ 50 a year, and PlayStation Plus is $ 60 (although there are significant discounts). To compare services, both first provide access to multiplayer. Next, Nintendo will provide exclusive access to the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis game libraries, online multiplayer of games, storage in the cloud, and access to additional apps and perks. PlayStation Plus offers free monthly games, membership discounts, DLC bonuses, 100 GB of cloud storage, and shared play. There are good points on both sides of the discussion. Nintendo's service is cheap on paper.
However, the PlayStation Plus usually sells for about $ 40. PlayStation users do not need PlayStation Plus for free games at all, but Nintendo Switch users can choose not to receive extended passes. The fairest thing is that while both services are of great value primarily to users who play on a particular platform, the other services are less valuable if the platform is played only on a secondary. After all, if the PlayStation Plus has similar features and pricing, it's hard to say that the Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pass are too expensive. The two services planned offer different rewards, and their value may vary from person to person. For Nintendo enthusiasts, $ 50 a year for Nintendo 64 games with online multiplayer access is worth the entry price.
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