Psychonauts 2 looks incredibly liquid on the Steam deck

Valve's gaming laptop, Steam Deck, announced in July this year, is nearing its release date. The Steam Deck is an extension of previous Valve-manufactured hardware products such as the Steam Controller and Steam Machines, and ultimately wants to put a full-fledged computer game on a small handheld device. Instead of playing their own games like their closest rival, the Nintendo Switch, the Steam deck allows players to play games from the Steam library on their device.

The gaming device is clearly as good as the components that drive it, and the Steam deck seems to have a lot of hardware. With AMD APU, 1280 x 800 multi-touch LCD and 16GB DDR5 RAM using the company's Zen2 and RDNA2 architectures, Steam decks should be able to play the latest titles at satisfactory performance levels. However, the specifications don't always tell the whole story. Fortunately, your OnDeck Twitter account contains many images from a variety of titles, including The Witcher 3, which is working on the following SteamDeck hardware development kits. One of the latest videos on the account shows nearly two minutes of play from Double Fine's renowned 3D platformer Psychonauts 2, released in August of this year.

Short play seems to work very well on the Steam deck. The frame rate seems to be stable at 60 FPS, and the Psychonauts 2's colorful graphics remain crisp despite the screen resolution, but because the track image is magnified, which graphics settings are set. It is difficult to determine if you are. Other Twitter users were impressed with the details and performance shown in the video and requested more images of other games from their OnDeck account.

Combining the smart specifications of the Steam deck with the latest APU and low resolution screens, this device should provide satisfactory gaming performance. One of the strengths and weaknesses of high-performance handheld computers is, of course, battery life. So it's interesting for gamers to see how the life of the device is maintained. The Steam Deck includes a 40 watt-hour battery, which, according to Valve, can last up to 7-8 hours after a light game, but the heavier the title, the faster the battery drains. To counter this, the Steam Deck system software includes an optional FPS limiter that allows players to balance handheld performance with battery life. Regardless of battery life, Steam Deck's Psychonauts 2 OnDeck video is undoubtedly impressive from a loyal and smooth perspective, and enthusiasts no longer have to wait to get it. Steam Deck on device performance. ..
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