Nintendo64 switch controller sold out

Nintendo will bring some Nintendo 64 games to Switch and begin the subscription level for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. To make fans feel nostalgic, the company has released a switch-compatible N64 controller.

Almost at the same time as the new level of pricing, the company announced pre-order links for the Nintendo 64 controller and Sega Control Panel. Prices for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, Nintendo 64 Controller, and Sega Genesis Control Pad were announced after "Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct," which introduced the latest free content updates and upcoming DLC. The switch-compatible Nintendo 64 wireless controller costs $ 49.99. It took about 2 to 3 hours, but the advance reservation at Nintendo was sold out. The book button has been replaced with a red button marked "temporarily out of stock".
The Sega Genesis Control Pad is also available for $ 49.99 at this time. Nintendo is not yet aware of the additional availability or potential for additional social media accounts. Nintendo also seems to be the only place that offers controllers.
The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is priced at $ 49.99 and has a proportional pricing option for customers who have an existing Nintendo Switch account online, depending on the number of days left until the next renewal date. Annual membership of the user. The expansion pack contains nine classic N64 games, with six more N64 games added at some point after launch. It also includes 14 classic Sega Genesis games. The new subscription level will start on October 25th.

This development isn't all that surprising, as Nintendo can book up to four controllers per Nintendo Account. Hopefully, the need for a Nintendo Switch Online account has kept away at least some of the annoying bots and resellers who have terrorized the game over the past year. It was previously confirmed that the classic gray N64 driver had built-in noise. Although currently unknown, the website says, "Additional drivers will be available by the end of October. This will add more colors, and in some cases transparent colors, after the official release of the expansion pack. Means to be done.
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