Factors involved in choosing stainless steel flanged fittings

Stainless steel flange has not only easy to use, simple operation etc., and because the use made of stainless steel material, therefore, the service life is long, stainless steel products may often see in our life, like general of kitchen utensils and appliances, in pipeline engineering, stainless steel flange is mainly used for pipe connection.

First, because the stainless steel flange is generally used in the pipeline connection, therefore, in the choice to make clear the main nature of the transport medium, is the general medium, special medium, toxic medium or flammable and explosive medium, etc.

Two, flange selection should also be determined according to the use of different places and connection conditions to determine what kind of way and pipe connection, according to the different connection objects to determine the specification of flange selection.

Standard use of flanges, can reduce the use of a variety of conditions, the next look at the need to pay attention to the problem.

1. Stainless steel flanges should be handwheels. Do not use levers or other tools to avoid damaging the valve parts. Clockwise rotation of the handwheel is closed, and vice versa.

2. Stainless steel flange ball valve, globe valve, gate valve use, only for fully open or fully closed, do not allow to adjust the flow with, so as to avoid the sealing surface erosion, accelerate wear. The gate valve and the upper thread globe valve have an inverted seal device, and the handwheel is turned to the top position to tighten, which can prevent the media from leaking from the packing.

3. Stainless steel flange valve packing gland bolts should be tightened evenly, should not be pressed into a crooked state, so as to avoid damage to hinder the movement of the valve stem or cause leakage.

Stainless steel flange fittings

Stainless steel flange fittings refers to the stainless steel flange, stainless steel tee, stainless steel elbow and other products needed in the pipeline to change the direction or play a connecting role. How to find a reliable stainless steel flange fittings manufacturer?

1. The price advantage, if you want to buy a product with the price advantage, must trace the product source, from raw materials such as stainless steel flange after forging, punching or coiling, waterline and a series of operations, in order to make customers need products, this is accomplished in the manufacturer can one-stop, and no other external participation, so the price dealers much lower relative department.

2. The origin, the source of a product is not only a manufacturer, in the pipe base salt mountain, with thousands of stainless steel flange pipe production enterprises, not only can shop around, even if also can, more than 30 concentration caused the product quality is uneven, the condition of the production equipment technology and personnel also vary, such as stainless steel elbow, flange, You can buy national standard, you can also buy non-standard, and even customized products according to their own situation, high price products are not necessarily good, in line with their own can be.

It is not difficult to find stainless steel flange fittings manufacturers, to buy high quality and low price products to go through many aspects of investigation, we can identify according to their own situation.

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