Features and usage of anesthesia masks

The disposable anesthesia mask is made of medical PVC or silicone material. Disposable anesthesia masks are mainly used for pre-anesthesia induction, ventilation during surgery, and maintenance of anesthesia. Single-use to avoid cross-infection between patients.

Anesthesia mask features:

1. The inflatable anesthesia mask is composed of a cover, a cone sleeve, a sealing pad, and an inflatable port;

2. The unique protruding part design is more conducive to medical staff to hold the operation with one hand;

3. Reasonable curve design and soft air cushion make the mask fit closely with the patient's cheeks effectively;

4. Using higher quality materials, high transparency, odorless, beautiful appearance, and more complete models.

5. Features of edge-to-edge anesthesia mask:

6. The edge-to-edge anesthesia mask is composed of a cover, a cone sleeve, and a gasket;

7. Use in first aid, no need to inflate;

8. The parts in contact with the face are made of high-quality silicone, which is soft and has a good sealing effect;

9. Anti-aging, anti-allergic, easy to clean and disinfect.

anesthesia mask characteristics

How to use the disposable anesthesia mask:

1. Select the mask size suitable for the patient;

2. Take out the anesthesia mask from the packaging bag, align the bottom of the mask with the back of the patient's lower lip, and gently buckle the anesthesia mask to cover the patient's mouth and nose;

3. Buckle the anesthesia mask with the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, if necessary, lift the patient's chin with the remaining fingers;

4. There is no need to press down the mask to ensure the seal: the material of the edge part and the design conforming to the human face anatomy ensure that the seal can be achieved only with the minimum pressure, and finally the anesthesia mask is fixed to the patient's face with the fixing strap.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics and use of anesthesia masks, I hope to help everyone. As an anesthesia mask company, Innovision Medical provides high-quality anesthesia masks. If you are interested in anesthesia masks, please pay attention to our website.


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